Message From Debra

I have witnessed thousands of women walk around knowing that they are falling short of their potential,   I believe that these women live their entire lives without tapping into their power because they simply don’t know how.  There are so many women I know who get more accomplished in one morning than much of the world gets done in one day, yet they are not experiencing the joy and fullness of their womanhood, sexuality and power.And that is why I’ve created this workshop. At the core of you is all things possible.  It’s time for her to come out to play!  I have prepared an event that will show you how to trigger the areas of confidence you want the most and extend it to every part of your life.

It starts with your BODY! When you feel good about your body, you are compelled to keep it healthy. You eat better. You exercise. You have more energy. You realize that your body truly IS your temple and can be your source for feeling GREAT about who you are (or it could also be the reason you look in the mirror, moping around and sulk if your body is something you frequently ignore…)

The healthier you get, the more freedom you give yourself to embrace your own sexuality.  Point blank, the better you feel – the sexier you feel. The sexier you feel, the more you WANT sex and start finding new ways to satisfy your most intimate desires personally and in life.  With this you will create a healthier and deeper appreciation for your own sexuality which turns into courage and motivation to open the doors to create a completely fulfilled life.

The more physical drive, aliveness and PLEASURE you experience every day, the more energy you get to grow your business.  Not only do you feel good about your body, but you feel good IN your body.   Then when you are walking into a business setting…you can truly OWN IT.

This is the time to reshape your live and ignite yourself as a powerful, sexual and successful woman.

The result? A new and unstoppable YOU!

Together we will focus on these three most important (and highest leverage) areas of your life to bring you to a new level of mastery at each step of the way:

Your Body. Your Sex Life. Your Business.

Let’s get right into it :-)


About Debra

Debra Bernoff is the portrait of an empowered, strong woman who not only embraces all of the elements of womanhood, Mom, wife and nurturer but also possesses the strength of the accomplished business person, entrepreneur and leader.

Her enduring qualities range from empathetic to understanding, from exhorter to organizer. Debra seeks to escalate the growth of people she influences to levels they hadn’t even thought of before meeting her.

As the partner in a wildly popular, growing company, Debra contributes to the vision of her husband and partner, Michael Bernoff, by putting legs to the dream they share of helping people around the globe improve and gain the lives they dream of. Together, the power duo is a catalyst for change in the human experience.

Debra has a particular heart for women and girls. She is driven to help women understand their worth and power, motor past limiting beliefs and the crippling lies they tell themselves, and to transform.

A gifted speaker, health enthusiast, teacher, leader and writer, Debra packs a punch in a small package but has an enormous heart and a fiery belief in the future.