Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the event?
The event is 5 days.  For the July 2017 event, please arrive on July 19th, 2017 by 6pm. We’ll get started right away and will continue what we call “luxury learning” all the way through Monday morning, July 24th.  All guests are asked to arrange departure from the property no later than 10 am on Monday, July 24th.  For February 2018 event dates, please contact

2. What will my room accommodations be like?
Sleeping accommodations are arranged for every participant. The number of women assigned to each room varies (think pajama party!). We take special care to arrange your sleeping quarters and assign each woman to the room and roommates that will best suit them. All rooms are luxuriously outfitted with comfortable beds. Each room possesses unique qualities positioned to give you an extraordinary and restful visit.  You will be blown away at the stunning views and accoutrements that make each room unique.

3. How do I know if I can endure the exercise program?
The answer is OF COURSE YOU CAN!  While you may not know what to expect, you can rest assured that there’s no need to be nervous or apprehensive…just excited!  As soon as you walk through the doors you’ll immediately see that this is a fun, safe and judgement-free environment.  Great care is taken to create an optimum experience that will stretch, grow and pamper every aspect of you as a woman. Of course you will want to push yourself to create new exercise habits.  We’ll show you how!  You absolutely will be able to do all of the exercise programs we have in store for you, yet you must be committed to playing full out in this area.

To help you be fully ready to accept all of the learning, be prepared to be able to move your body consistently for at least 30-40 minutes.  This does not mean you have to be trained for a cross-fit class and look great in spandex!  Yet it does mean that you are able to stand and move and walk for the majority of the time. If movement is a challenge for you today, to help you prepare, begin walking or jogging now for a few times each week so that when you are introduced to the first day of fitness, you are well prepared to move.

Comfortable workout clothing for our exercise sessions is a must. Athletic shoes also are required.
(A comprehensive packing list will be sent prior to the weekend!)

4. Will the exercise program be challenging enough?  I already exercise frequently and am in great shape.
Yes, yes and yes!  No matter what your fitness level you will find the fitness program at Body, Sex and Business incredibly challenging.  It will push you to new heights in your health and fitness.

5. What if I have never experienced an exercise program of this nature?
Our professional experts are knowledgeable at adapting our programs for any person at any level of ability. Refer back to Question #3 for information of how you can prepare. Be prepared to learn new movements and have fun in the process!

6. Can I get hurt?
Our professional experts are fully-trained and certified in how to work with all body types, all limitations and all levels of ability. It is entirely up to you to share any pre-existing challenges with relation to working out and movement. The staff takes extensive care to assure all of the program activities are completely safe–your safety and comfort is our number one priority. We never expect injuries but should an occasion arise where an injury occurs, our venue is 15 minutes away from the nearest world-class medical facility.

7. What is the appropriate clothing and gear to bring to Body, Sex and Business?
You will enjoy the feeling of “being at home” and dressing as if you were at home surrounded by friends. Fashionably casual attire is appropriate. It’s July in the desert. During the day, the average temperature is 100 degrees or higher, the nights are in the 90s. For the business mastermind – all guests are encouraged to wear business casual attire.

All towels, sheets and other linens are provided.

All participants are asked to bring one outfit that is dressy and very special. Consider what you would bring if you had the hottest date in your life and you wanted to feel the most feminine, beautiful and the most sexy!  Think about the outfit that makes you feel the greatest when you are wearing it and bring that!  Remember to bring any accessories, shoes or jewelry that you are comfortable wearing.

8. What type of food will I be eating?
Be certain you will a) not go hungry and b) love the food!  We have designed a menu for the entire program that includes fresh, delicious organic vegetables flavored with spices, herbs and healthy ingredients. Meals will be supplied and taken together as a group. Preparation tips and demonstrations will be staged with our nutritionist and staff throughout the program. Vegan and vegetarian options will be available.  The entire menu will be designed to show you how simple and possible it is to cook and eat healthy for you and your family in the middle of your busy life.

Note:  There is no need to bring snacks or extra food.  There is plenty of healthy food available at all times.

Breaks and free time are built into the weekend. Naturally, you are there to learn and we only have 5 days together–so there will be times that all devices will be OFF.  The home is equipped with Wi-Fi so you can check your communications during the breaks and free periods.

9. What kind of results can I expect?
When you approach this program from a perspective of being ALL IN, your results are limitless. This comprehensive program is designed to address the full range of growth-from the inside out. You will learn tools that you will put to work immediately while still at the event…and will continue to experience shifts for days, weeks, even months after you depart. Body Sex and Business alumni have reported great advancements in their lives from all aspects.  How they look and feel is visible in how they present and carry themselves. Results vary of course, yet the results are there – whether they are visible in pounds lost, to numbers on the balance sheet or in the hearts and minds of the participants.

10. What if I do not want to lose any weight?
Not every BSB participant has a goal to lose weight. In fact, many BSB alumni are extremely fit and are experts themselves. The fitness and nutrition instruction you will receive here may be applied to everyone–those who are currently experiencing their desired level of fitness and those with great amounts of weight to lose. The idea is to learn to fit these strategies into anyone’s life, consistently – and to become the strongest, fittest version of you possible.

11. Will I have the ability to check in with my family and business?
Breaks and free time are built into the weekend. Naturally, you are there to learn and we only have 96 hours together–so there will be times that all devices will be OFF.  The home is equipped with Wi-Fi so you can check your communications during the breaks and free periods.

12. Can the program aid with smoking cessation?
First of all, there is no smoking anywhere on the property–inside OR outside. If this is a challenge, you are encouraged to have this discussion right away with our staff.  Alumni have experienced strength in making big changes in their lives, however no formal smoking cessation is offered during this program.

13. How should I expect to feel by the end of the week?
After this incredible experience of learning more about yourself than you ever have before, you will feel empowered and energized. Those who have taken this course in the past have found that their confidence and appreciation for who they are is unparalleled.  Self-acceptance eludes most women in today’s competitive society.  When you walk out the doors of Body, Sex and Business to go back home, you will feel prepared for a new chapter of your life as a powerful, sexy and equipped woman.

14. Is transportation provided?
You are responsible for transportation to and from the venue.  Transportation will be provided during the event for off-site activities.  You will not need transportation during the event.

15. What is the closest and most convenient airport to land?
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is the closest airport. Travel from the airport to the venue is roughly 20 minutes.

“Body Sex and Business is YOUR step into a new way of living, a way to truly enjoy your life.”